Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heartbreak hotel

Argh! Houses! Don't they drive you wild. Just like that elusive love of your life. You see him. At first you're not interested. There's nothing likeable about him at all. Then you meet again and something happens. There's a spark. But it's not the sensible option. Sensible is the guy who rings and texts, remembers birthdays, walks on the outside of the pavement, but sensible leaves you cold and makes your skin crawl.
Then you realise this wild card is The One and all rational thoughts go out the window. You dream about it, look at the picture of it on the internet. You've moved your furniture inyour mind, at night when you're awake, thinking about The One. It wasn't in the area you wanted, it's too much money, you didn't want modern, but there's just something there. You set you're heart on it. You have to have it. Then the worry sets in. What if there's a problem with the mortgage? Then there's the insurance? Now you lie awake at night worrying, stressing, pleading with the man upstairs who you haven't spoken to since you prayed for a pony at Christmas. And he didn't deliever then.

Then the blackest moment. Some-one else is interested. He could be taken.

I'm trying to ignore The One now. Pretending if I don't show I care it might just happen. Trying to play it cool. But.....I really want that house!!

Please tell me happy ever afters do happen.......

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