Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Jedward Experience

Well, I've been and done it and am out the other side. My seven year old son had been counting down "sleeps" until Jedward and finally yesterday was the day, "no more sleeps". After his first day at rugby camp he came home, showered, got out the hair drier and gelled, moussed and sprayed his hair until it stood upright. Dressed in hip-hop trainers, leather jacket and shades he was ready for the off. I don't know why I'm always expecting to be the only person at these events. Instead to my constant surprise it was heaving and mostly with screaming young girls with home-made banners. Inside the venue which held 300 people but felt like 3,000 we found our seats and waited. The 7 year old tried to get the crowd going with shouts of "we want Jedward" and "Jedward clap, clap, clap!" Then, about 15 minutes late a dj came out onto the stage and within seconds had the whole place jumping and rocking, literally. I was sat on the tiered seating and felt like the earth was moving. It was very early on I realised my great seats were totally useless as the teenage girls infront of me jumped to their feet and onto the chairs even. The room was a frenzy waiting for the boys who arrived on stage about 15 minutes later.
It felt a bit like I'd gone to see Alvin and the Chipmunks in concert. There was a backing track and the boys had thin voices and when they talked one squeaked and I couldn't understand them. But they played all the songs people knew them for. They danced around for 2 hours with incredible energy. There were bouncers along the front of the stage which I thought were there to protect John and Edward from fans, but oh no, it was to stop John and Edward keep jumping into the crowd. They kept attempting it and the bouncers kept chucking them back onto the stage like runaway puppies. My seven year old was mesmorised and while one daughter loved rocking out and the other would rather have seen Catherine Jenkins and thought it was too loud. The concert ended or rather the soundtrack came to an end and the boys thanked their audience. They were so polite and nice to the audience and made a huge effort to mention all the posters made for them and gifts that had been left at the dressing room door. Good on them I say. They're making it happen for themselves. I realise, you don't have to be the very best at what you're doing, you just have to keep going. If you're entertaining people who cares what the text book says. But you have to always respect your audience. Without them, there's nothing. Back home a shattered 7 year old fell into a deep sleep where he dreamt of one day being Jedward. How many sleeps?

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